a passionate team with the power
to amplify your brand.

From laying your foundational marketing strategy to execution of a campaign and materials, we have the skills and expertise to take your marketing further. With knowledge in traditional and new media, The C-3 Group uses sound marketing principles and puts them into play using today’s technology, bringing your company forward.

Before designing, writing, coding… It all starts with a strategy that focuses on your big picture. Whether your brand is a startup or 100 years old, we start by discovering your brand’s purpose, the “why” of what you do. In a world of increased volume, we help you break through the clutter instead of simply talking louder.
Rather than simply seeing your brand, we want your customers to experience it. The development of an exciting brand identity starts with a 30,000 foot view and then drills down to critical details that set you apart.
We provide beautifully designed visual communications by being creatively focused and media agnostic. No matter where your brand and message may appear, it needs to be excellently executed each and every time. Our stuff is more than just art, it’s exquisitely executed and based in sound marketing principles.
It’s about reaching your customers where they live, work and play. We’re digitally-sound and know how to put your messaging into the hands of your customer. Our team is a delightful mix of digital natives and marketing strategists all focused on one goal - helping you talk to your customers and your customers talk to you.