IBM Dress Code

IBM Dress Code

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Brad has spent over 20 years in marketing, with much of that time as the COO and partner of the Eastpoint Group. Over his career, Brad has been involved in the marketing efforts of firms like The Longaberger Company, Wright State University, Dayton Dragons, Lexis Nexis, The Ohio Bar Liability Insurance Company, The United States Air Force Museum and many others. The C-3 Group was initially founded in 2008 with the vision to build an advertising and marketing firm based on results--driven in part by the integration of traditional marketing and new technologies. In March 2010, C-3 began to expand and ultimately hired a number of new key personnel and moved to its current location. Brad and The C-3 team bring a wealth of experience in marketing research and strategy, web development and marketing, graphic design, audio/video production, public relations and other marketing disciplines. Email:

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