Quick Takes – Xtra Storage Rental Co. Website Launch

Quick takes are brief interviews with the C3 staff getting their insight into recently developed projects. Today, designer Paul Garcher answers questions about the newly launched website for Xtra Storage Rental Co.

What design challenges did you face in designing the Xtra Storage site?

I spent a lot of time on the content slides on the Homepage. This is the focal point of the site, so I wanted to make sure that each slide was laid out perfectly. I also wanted to make sure the site had a clean, minimalistic feel so as I was designing the site I stripped out design elements I felt detracted from that clean feeling.

How much creative freedom were you given with this project?

The client’s color palette was established so I had that to work within, but otherwise I was given a lot of freedom to design what I thought would work best for the client. This project was really fun because the client was receptive to our ideas and I think the end-result is a site that everyone is pleased with.

What fonts did you decide to use on this site?

The navigation and titles are PT Sans Narrow (Bold). I was looking to use a condensed sans-serif font and I selected PT Sans because it can be embedded to be viewed across most browsers. The content of the site is a standard sans-serif font. I like these font choices because they help give the site a clean, corporate feel.

What is your favorite feature of the site?

I love the content slider on the homepage. I think it effectively shows the company’s service offerings in a visually appealing way. If I could mention one other feature it would be the small red arrow that hovers over the navigation. I have to give Josh Cope the credit for creating the cool slide effect when scrolling over the navigation, I think it’s a nice little detail that adds some visual interest.

Visit the Xtra Storage Rental Co. website.

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