Team Trip to the Lake

This past weekend, the C-3 Team and spouses all took a quick trip up to Lake Walloon in Michigan. It was an excellent time of bonding, sharing stories and ideas, swimming, jet skiing, site-seeing, and lots of card playing. Here are some of the favorite memories from each member of our team:

Brad Cullman – “My favorite part of the trip was sharing a special place with a very special group of people. ”

Paul Garcher – “The steak dinner grilled perfectly by Art was delicious. Derek and I enjoyed it so much we were eating steak off the bone!”

Josh Cope – “Even on vacation I get to do computer troubleshooting, router installation, and fantasy football draft failure!”

April Pollock – “My favorite activity was the day our team spent together on the float boat and jet skiing. This is not something you normally get to do with your co-workers, and everyone was relaxed and had a great time. I got to see a different side of a few individuals, and didn’t injure or maim Carla who trusted me to drive the jet ski! The fresh baked cinnamon rolls deserve an honorable mention.”

Carla Hale – “One of my favorite memories of the trip was singing with everyone ‘Top Hits from the 90s’ on the drive up! The whole trip was great and I am so blessed to work with this group of people.”

Paul taking a turn on the jet ski

It was a little chilly, but we still got in!


The whole group at dinner.

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