C-3 Group Announces Non-Profit Marketing Initiative


For the past three years, we have been focused on growing our business by delivering quality work, at an affordable price, all while maintaining excellent customer service. While this is still our priority day-in and day-out, we also felt we were ready to take on something new and give back to our community. We’re proud to announce our new pro bono initiative to serve charitable non-profits within the Miami Valley.

The initiative, titled C-3 Cares, was launched to provide the marketing essentials that non-profit organizations desperately need, but seldom can afford.

Each year, C-3 will complete a marketing project for one non-profit that has submitted an application to the program. Applications will be accepted during the fourth quarter of each year and the selected organization will be chosen and notified in January of the following year. Organizations may apply on our website.

For our first year, C-3 is partnering with Be FREE Dayton.

Be FREE Dayton is a non-profit organization that seeks to abolish and prevent sex trafficking in Dayton and the Miami Valley through education, outreach, demand reduction, and research. Be FREE Dayton is the Miami Valley’s only non-profit to abolish and prevent sex trafficking in the community through four unique programs.

Our area’s non-profits make the Miami Valley a better place to work and live and we are thrilled to be doing a small part to help them in their efforts. Be sure to check back towards the end of the year to see Be FREE Dayton’s new website!

Introducing: SlickNav


The C-3 Group is proud to announce SlickNav, a brand new asset for responsive website design.

SlickNav is a jQuery navigation plugin that makes navigating easy and more efficient on a mobile device. SlickNav can replicate or modify an existing menu to generate a mobile version and prepend it to any element within the page. The SlickNav menu has several options available such as animations, functionality and structure. (more…)