New Website Launch: Key Behavior Services

Our team was excited to launch a new website for Key Behavior Services, a firm that provides Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services to children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder or other diagnoses. Key was awesome to work with as they gave our team a lot of creative freedom to put together a truly unique site for them.

Our goal with the website was to simply lead a visitor through the content in a logical order so that their was a clear understanding of Key’s varied service offerings. The website itself is a single page and each section easily flows to the next giving the visitor a comfortable user experience.

We incorporated sticky navigation into the site structure so a visitor is able to easily jump to any location on the page. The site is also responsive, being built on the 996 grid and utilizes the SlickNav plugin developed by Josh Cope.

We can’t thank Key Behavior enough for the opportunity to work together and wish their company continued success.

Key Behavioral Services Website Design by C-3 Group in Dayton

The website is responsive, allowing easy viewing on all devices.

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