Meet Danielle, Our Graphic Design Extern

Hello! My name is Danielle Walter and I am an extern here at the C-3 Group.

Growing up in a small town in northwest Ohio, I am new to the city of Dayton. I graduated from Fostoria High School in 2012 and am currently a second-year student at the School of Advertising Art. Graduation is coming up and I am more than excited to begin my career.

Working with the C-3 Group will teach me what it is like to work in a professional environment. I am going to be working as a graphic designer with the opportunity to help with client work. During my time I wish to improve on all of my skills including creativity, illustration, graphic design, conceptualizing, time management, and my overall confidence.

I enjoy meeting new people and am especially inspired by other graphic designers. I love to work efficiently as a team with other designers while receiving critique. I believe that receiving critique from other designers, family, friends and even strangers allows you to see things that you may have overlooked. I am looking forward to learning from such a talented group.

During my free time I enjoy exploring nature, watching movies, cooking food, and hanging out with my cat, Hey-T.

I have been athletic all of my life and was a part of several softball teams, participated in competitive swimming, and played a lot of tennis. I am competitive in every aspect of life and always have been.

I cannot wait to begin learning and creating with the C-3 Group!

Danielle Walter

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