Meet our New Team Members!

The C-3 Group has done a lot of growing in the year 2014. We’ve seen lots of change from our move to the Oregon District, the growth of our staff’s families, and now, adding on two new team members. I’m pleased to introduce you to the newest additions to The C-3 Family!

Daniel Waits – Account CoordinatorDaniel
I am really excited to join the C-3 Group to use my skills and learn new ones while helping to deliver great work. I graduated from Cedarville University in 2013, and decided to stay in the Dayton area. I love working on social media accounts as well as assisting on new projects. When not at work you can find me at a coffee shop, listening to NPR or binge watching Netflix.

ShanessaShanessa Sweeney – Administrative Assistant
I am elated to be joining the C-3 team! Why wouldn’t I love working in an environment where my creative and interpersonal skills are honored and encouraged? I earned my BA in Theatre in 2002 and my MFA in 2005 and chose to move back to my hometown, Dayton, OH in 2013. I love writing, creating concepts and performing. I am also the Adjunct Acting teacher at Stivers School of the Performing Arts.

In addition to our new staff members, some of our current team will be changing roles. Over the past year, Cameron Weimer’s role has developed into servicing more graphic design and programming initiatives. Under the direction of Josh Cope and Paul Garcher, Cameron has shown himself to be very talented at supporting our graphic and web development projects and producing well-written web code. Cameron will now be transitioning to graphic design and front-end web development as a Web Developer/Designer and Josh will now function as Lead Web Developer.

We pride ourselves on having a culture that supports constant education and professional growth. It not only provides our talented team with more opportunities, but more importantly, allows us to provide the utmost value to you, our clients.