New Website Launch: Lenz Inc.


Earlier this month our team launched a revamped website for Lenz Inc., a Dayton-based manufacturer of hydraulic components for various construction and manufacturing companies worldwide. The new website features an extensive product catalog with an intuitive navigation structure so that users are able to quickly locate specific products.

Given the sheer size of this website, our goal with the design was to create a simple layout to make viewing content easy for the user while still incorporating product photography to help drive the visual appeal of the site.

Like many other websites we develop, this site was built using the 996 Grid as well as the SlickNav plugin for mobile viewing.

About Paul Garcher

Paul joined The C-3 Group in 2010 and has quickly proven to be a valuable asset to the C-3 team. Paul has served in a number of different capacities within the company and currently serves as an Account Manager. A graduate of Wright State University, Paul has multiple years experience in website design/development. Paul really enjoys working with his clients to determine the best strategies to help their business succeed. He has coordinated projects ranging from simple static websites to complex database driven sites. If you ask Paul what his true passion is, he will tell you he has always been an aspiring designer at heart. With a keen eye for design, Paul serves as a key consultant for graphic design projects and branding campaigns. Email:

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