Meet Taylor, Our SAA Extern

Taylor Smith

Hello, my name is Taylor Smith and I am an extern here at the C-3 Group.

People could say that I am a generic name with a not-so-generic personality. Growing up, I have always been exposed to different aspects of living and life itself. I grew up in the bigger city of Sidney, Ohio and moved to the small village of Arcanum, Ohio where I graduated with a class of 72 in 2013. I am absolutely ecstatic to be finishing up my second year at the School of Advertising Art and taking on my career in the design field.

From logo design to web design, I have acquired a new eye for a variety of different perspectives. Critique has always been a big factor in my designing. I appreciate and build from any feedback given to me by my audiences, especially my fellow designers. I have learned many things already and continue to expand my knowledge every day I walk through the door.

One project I have enjoyed in my externship at The C-3 Group would be a logo design for a non-profit organization. I have loved every second of coming up with concepts, creating thumbnails and executing the final products. Probably the best part about the project is getting the client’s input and feedback.

Of all the things in the world that could drive my inspiration, success is on the top of the list. Being successful, in my opinion, is when the client or my creative director is happy with the results that I have created. It makes me genuinely happy to make others happy, and I feel like I have picked the right path to take on a creative approach to that goal.

In my free time when I am not designing something new or illustrating, I am laughing, listening to music in a wide range of whatever mood I’m feeling, watching documentaries or reading up facts on giraffes and exploring my surroundings.

I have been blessed to share my journey with many people and I am especially so glad to be sharing it with The C-3 Group.

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