Keep That Brand Neat and Tidy

using brand guidelines
One of the biggest thrills I get as a designer is seeing our team’s work out in the real world—whether it be a simple brochure or complex website, it’s just plain cool to see people interact with the materials that we create for our clients.

So what happens when a company gets sloppy and starts using questionable fonts or unusual color palettes? Well as a designer, I can tell you that we cry a bit on the inside and hold a support group on the second Tuesday of every month.

That might not be totally true, but it is true that we really care (sometimes irrationally) how companies extend their marketing efforts from their core brand. As an agency we feel it is our duty to help our clients put their best marketing foot forward—and this often means returning our focus to the core brand identity.

Insert the brand standards manual. You know that pretty little guide that says to use Pantone 532C and 10pt Avenir Light among other designer mumbo-jumbo? Well it’s very easy for these guidelines to get lost in the shuffle of actually running a business, but with a little bit of time and attention these standards can really help strengthen your brand.

At a minimum, here is a short list of standards to keep that brand neat and tidy:

This is the face of your brand, treat it like such. Ensure that proper scale, padding and coloring is adhered to no matter the application.

This is often the easiest standard to lose control over. Double-check internal materials and other marketing pieces to be sure that everything uses proper fonts and styling.

Ensure that the proper color palette is applied uniformly for both print and digital mediums.

You may not have a 200-page brand bible like Nike or Coca-Cola, but that doesn’t mean that your business can’t maintain a consistent appearance. Just take some time to evaluate your marketing efforts to ensure that your brand is ringing true to the core identity that has helped make you awesome in the first place.