Behold Joe Blommel, intern extraordinaire!

Joe Blommel with cardboard box on cutting foodHello citizen, I’m Joe Blommel! By day I’m just your normal timid graphic design intern here at The C-3 Group, but by night I am still just a normal timid graphic design intern!

I would say that I was born in a log cabin but a corporation larger than myself owns the rights to that line, so instead I’ll just say that I was born and raised in and around the Dayton area. Having always had a creative drive and passion for design and art, it only made sense as an awkward teenager to start pursuing an education in the design field. In high school I began with a CTC class on graphic design where I quickly grew to love all forms of design, particularly illustration. From there I enrolled at Sinclair for graphic design and completed an internship at iHeart Media. In the past year, after graduating from Sinclair, I have been mostly working as a freelance designer and illustrator, until the opportunity to be an intern at C-3 came along!

As far as my personality goes most people describe me as quirky and maybe even a little odd (in a good way). I have an affinity for cartoons and am looking to one day pursue a career as an animator. I normally occupy my spare time by drawing, watching cartoons, sleeping, taking long hikes, napping, cooking new dishes, sleeping some more, and loitering where I’m not supposed to like the bad boy I am!

I’ve worked here at C-3 for only a couple of weeks now and I already love it! It is exactly the type of environment I love being in, one where my creativity is challenged and where a lot of projects are a team effort. I can already tell that this place is a perfect fit for me!

I hope this gives you a little insight into my character, and thanks for reading! Kids remember to stay in school. I’m out.


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