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The C-3 Group to Be Honored at 2016 National Philanthropy Day Annual Awards Luncheon


Company named Outstanding Small Corporation for charitable work through “C-3 Cares” initiative

The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), Greater Dayton Region Chapter recently announced that the C-3 Group has been selected as an Outstanding Small Corporation co-honoree. We are absolutely thrilled, honored, and humbled to receive this recognition.

The Outstanding Small Corporation Award honors a small business or corporation that demonstrates outstanding commitment through financial support and through encouragement and motivation of others to take leadership roles toward philanthropy and community involvement. The C-3 Group was nominated for the award by our 2016 C-3 Cares partner, St. Vincent de Paul Dayton.

We began C-3 Cares in 2013 with the goal of giving something back to the many deserving and wonderful organizations that work hard every day to make Dayton a better place to live, work, and play. We’re proud that we’ve been able to help the real heroes in our community in our own little way.

The C-3 Group will be honored at the annual National Philanthropy Day luncheon on Tuesday, November 15 at the Sinclair Community College Ponitz Center. Tickets for the luncheon will be available for purchase at

2017 C-3 Care Applications Open Starting Oct. 1

In 2016, we provided St. Vincent de Paul Dayton with various pro-bono marketing services. St. Vincent de Paul delivers vital services to homeless and impoverished individuals and families in the Greater Dayton area, serving over 100,000 people each year.

We’re excited to continue the C-3 Care initiative into 2017. If you are a nonprofit organization or charity with marketing needs, or know of one, we encourage you to apply.

Applications will open on our website starting October 1 through the end of December. The chosen organization will be notified in January of 2017, so start spreading the word!

We can’t wait to see how we can support another deserving organization in 2017.

Break Out the Bubbly and Toast Two Promotions

The C-3 Group reveals key promotions within the team:

_DSC8606-SocialMediaFirst, we’re proud to announce April Pollock has been named Vice President and Partner. Since joining C-3 in 2010, April has been an integral member of the team, leading our client management efforts, as well as acquiring new business, building community relationships, providing advertising strategy, and delivering unique marketing solutions to meet the challenges facing our clients. We look forward to the leadership she’ll bring to the group in her new role.


2015-11-25Additionally, we’re excited to announce Jon Wiley has been promoted to Lead Graphic Designer. Though Jon joined the C-3 Group just last winter, he has quickly proven himself to be an invaluable resource for the team. From developing new print campaigns to designing websites and digital assets, Jon has impressed everyone with his talents and willingness to tackle any task. We can’t wait to see how he continues to grow as our Lead Graphic Designer.


Both April and Jon are truly exceptional professionals and people, and they’re incredibly deserving of these promotions. Please join us as we applaud both for their efforts and success. We’re sure the best is yet to come from both.

Say Hello to El Jefe

Jeff Rudolf: thought-provoking, poignant, hilarious, a roller coaster of emotions. Finally, a designer the whole family can enjoy! If you hire only one employee this year, make it Jeff Rudolf!”

I hope you enjoyed my résumé. My name is Jeff Rudolf, and I’m excited to be applying my skills as Associate Director of Design and Development at the C-3 Group. I graduated from the School of Advertising Art in 2003, and have been working in the advertising and design field ever since. I’ve created motion graphics, videos, animations, websites, innumerable print pieces, and much more for a vast array of clients, including Procter & Gamble, Mars Pet Care, Iams, Eukanuba, Sara Lee Foods and LexisNexis to name a few.

I love devoting my time to my wife Jessica, daughter Josie, and our two obnoxious dogs, Sophie and Farley. My friends and family are also very important to me. I’ve completed 3 Tough Mudder events, which I guess implies that I like to be electrocuted and near hypothermia. I enjoy exercising, playing with my band, sports (go Colts!), TV shows (Cheers!), movies (Indiana Jones!), music (Bowie!), the outdoors, traveling, and probably a whole lot of other stuff. I enjoy a nice IPA more often than not. I also secretly still want to be a professional wrestler, “Brother”.

I could go on, but why would I put you through that? If you made it this far, thanks for reading!

Now Introducing, Chris Jasko

cjaskoHola, mis amigos. Me llamo Christophini Jaskopini. ¿Dónde está la biblioteca? And thus ends the Spanish portion of my introductory blog because I’m pretty much tapped.

Seriously, though, I am Christopher Michael Jasko the First, the newest member of this happy band known as The C-3 Group. I look forward to bringing the “skills that pay the bills” as the team’s Account Manager and Copywriter.

This is the part of the blog where I’m supposed to give you a brief overview of my life, schooling, and experiences. Honestly, that’d probably be a bore so I’ll save you some time with a fistful of rapid-fire fun facts:

  • I’ve been happily married for nearly 10 years. I’m contractually obligated to say that my wife is the coolest person ever.
  • My house was built in 1920. It is approximately 700 square feet. Now put five kids, two adults, and a dog into that space. Privacy and quiet are only concepts I’ve heard about from my single friends.
  • I raise backyard chickens. Please don’t tell the man. The eggs are tasty.
  • Dayton is my favorite city/place in the entire world. Costa Rica is a close second.
  • I am color blind (deutan color vision, specifically). No, that doesn’t mean I cannot see any color at all.
  • I once mashed seven pieces of birthday cake into my mouth at the same time. This was not my best look.
  • The common mallard is my power animal. Quack.
  • I received my BA in Journalism from Wright State University. It’d be groovy if I could go back for my Master’s degree.
  • If I were an album, I’d probably be “Out of the Blue” by Electric Light Orchestra. Sophisticated, beautiful, and grandiose, yet great for dancin’.
  • I’m a fan of the Oxford comma. Sorry.

There you have it: a nibble of information about one Christopher Michael Jasko. I’m glad you’ve had a chance to learn a little about me, and I’d happily share more if you’d like to swing by the office for a cup of coffee or two.

Anywho, I’m truly thrilled to be at The C-3 Group. We’ve got a pretty special group of folks here. I can’t wait to be a part of all the great things we’ll accomplish. I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that it’s going to be a fun ride.

Is that enough? Sure seems like it. I just hope I hit the word count. Wait, is this thing still on? Oops.

C-3 Cares 2016: And the Recipient Is…

Way back in 2013, we began an initiative to support the charitable organizations in the Dayton region that give back so much to our community and make the Miami Valley a better place to live, work, and play. Since then, we’ve had the opportunity to work with some truly fantastic people and nonprofits that are making a real difference, and we’re excited to continue this great tradition in 2016.

It’s our pleasure to announce St. Vincent de Paul, Dayton District Council as our selection for the C-3 Cares initiative.





St. Vincent de Paul delivers vital services to homeless and impoverished individuals and families in the Greater Dayton area. The organization annually serves over 100,000 people in the region by providing emergency shelter, transitional and permanent housing, food, clothing and household items, and assistance.

The entire C-3 team is amazed by the good work St. Vincent de Paul does for the community. We look forward to supporting the organization and their mission to end poverty and homelessness.



Applications for C-3 Cares will be accepted during the fourth quarter of each year and the selected organization will be chosen and notified in January of the following year. Find out more about C-3 Cares.