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New Website Launch: Vaughan Group Limited

The Vaughan Group has unveiled their new website,, including newly redesigned apartment sites.

The C-3 Group was tasked with taking VGL’s original, daunting website and transforming it into a pleasing, user-friendly experience. Combining the power of Drupal CMS with our top-notch design and web team we were able to deliver an elegant and functional product. The site is now able to better showcase their services while maintaining their professional brand.

Design Features:

  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • Responsive design for mobile viewing
  • Multi-level menu display for easy navigation
  • Complete CMS solution
  • Automatic language translation

Quick Takes – Mel-O-Dee Restaurant Website

Quick takes are brief interviews with the C3 staff getting their insight into recently developed projects. Today, April Pollock answers questions about the website for Mel-O-Dee Restaurant & Catering in New Carlisle, Ohio.

Mel-O-Dee Restaurant Website

What were the main objectives for the website?

Prior to the launch of the new site, Mel-O-Dee Restaurant did not have a web presence. The goal was to establish a presence that allowed patrons to easily access menus, promote the new catering venture and allow customers to submit a carryout or catering order online. We wanted to make sure that the history of the establishment was captured as well.

What can you share of the graphic design of the website?

For the overall feel of the design, we captured their landmark sign and worked it into the logo, and pulled the color palette from the interior of the building. We used those elements they are known for such as the musical notes and worked them into the essence of the site.

What is your favorite feature of the site?

Personally my favorite feature is that the site is responsive. For a restaurant, it is important for the menus and information to be mobile friendly as I know I often check this out on my phone if I am in the area and interested in a new spot.

Responsive Site - Mel-O-Dee Restaurant

Quick Takes – Fry/Straka Landing Page

Quick Takes – Fry/Straka Landing Page

Quick takes are brief interviews with the C3 staff getting their insight into recently developed projects. Today, designer Paul Garcher answers questions about the newly launched landing page for Fry/Straka – a Global Golf Course Design firm.

What were the design objectives for this landing page?

Fry/Straka is a new partnership, but the principals of this company have a great deal of experience in the golf course design industry. They have designed courses all over the world, so we wanted to make sure that the visitor quickly sees the work they have done internationally. This was done primarily through the photography.

Speaking of the photography, would you say that is central to the site?

Absolutely. As you can see the design is fairly simplistic, but in this business the visual appeal of the golf courses is critical. The client provided us with some spectacular photography and that really determined how we decided to lay the page out.

What is your favorite feature of the page?

It’s definitely the main photo area…that really makes the page. The site is built responsively and re-sizes beautifully even with an image area that large.

Is there more to come?

Yes there is! As I mentioned this is a new business venture, and this landing page gives the client an online presence, but we will be developing a full website with galley pages and even more spectacular photography! Be sure to check back soon to see the website in its entirety.